Phil's Weekly Visual Basic Tips

Phil's Weekly VB Tips

I write custom software for Windows. Primarily using Visual Basic and Delphi.
Microsoft Visual Basic for Windows related items:

04/08/96 Compare Two Files.
04/01/96 Short Tips: IIF, Option Explicit, Command$, CR$, Usenet.
03/25/96 Smooth blue shaded background.
03/18/96 Bitmap Effects: Flip Horizontal, Flip Vertical, Rotate.
03/11/96 Smooth Scroll Graphics and Text.
03/04/96 Tile a Bitmap to a Form Background.
02/26/96 Draw Filled Objects.
02/19/96 Screen Capture.
02/12/96 Compact Database and Repair Database (VB 3.0).
02/05/96 Declarations and Utilities for Using CARDS.DLL.
01/29/96 Form Tips: Hot Key Labels, Change the TabIndex, Add Multiple Controls.
01/22/96 Optimization Tips: For/Next, Null fields, orphaned code, Crystal.
01/15/96 Windows API's: WinHelp, disk space, system-modal, read-only text.
01/08/96 Stack Space.
01/01/96 Apply a 3D look to controls (No VBX's/DLL's/API's needed).
12/25/95 Center a Form Relative to a Main Form.
12/18/95 Useful short tips: Wait, even/odd, menu, timeGetTime, DoEvents.
12/11/95 Create an About window that contains useful information.
12/04/95 Position Cursor, Using "Enter" in Place of "Tab", File Copying.
11/27/95 Play a .WAV sound file from VB.
11/20/95 Graphics.
11/13/95 Short Code Tips.
11/06/95 Optimization Tips.
10/30/95 How to format a floppy disk using VB.
10/23/95 How to Fade a Form Background.
10/16/95 How to Draw 3-D Text.
10/09/95 Miscellaneous Tips.
10/02/95 Use Access to Design SQL Statements.
09/18/95 Speed database field access.
09/11/95 Use Ctl3D.DLL functions to make 3-D Effects in VB.

Older VB Tips 09/11/95 thru 10/30/95.

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